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Our Services

At The Doris Clifford Center, we provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure your retirement is truly exceptional. We will support the family of potential residents by providing a customized service of personal and medical care at a COVID-19 approved location.

Personal Care Services

Our Personal care services is designed to help residents with their Activities for Daily Living (ADLs) that include grooming (i.e. dressing, hair, nails, and mouth), bathing, feeding, and toileting etc. when requested.

Medical Care Services

Our medical care services includes but not limited to medication management and administration, observation for any changes in behavior or health that are reported to the medical staff.

Ongoing medical monitoring of vital signs and other health conditions including wound care and catheterization.

Our residents will also have access to medical
professional such as medical doctors (on call at their cost) and a registered nurse.

24hr Day Care Services

With more and more parents working outside the traditional 9-5 workday, the need for 24-hour or overnight childcare is increasing. Some children may spend the night at daycare or get picked up very late and spend the second half of the night at home. A 24-hour daycare provider is generally open on weekends and offers around-the-clock care for families who need it.

Service Features

The service packages include but not limited to:

Secured 24hr CCTV

Diverse Dining Program


Laundry Service

Social Activities

Movement Therapy

Communication Centre

24-hour Day Care

The property will also have a high degree of self-sustenance given the immediate installation of reserve water tanks and 2 generators to ensure the uninterrupted comfort of our residence.

Services will be added as needed.